The Rhyming Heroes of Antarctica: Narrative Poem

Last December, I wrote a story called The Rhyming Heroes of Antarctica (click here to see). Today, I have rewritten it as a narrative poem: a poem that tells a story. Enjoy! Fangs of stone across the desert,Ghosts of majestic towers of ice,Skeletons of mysterious beasts,Song of fear riding harsh winds: ‘Antarctica is shrinking,Ice is … Read more

Red Howlers

Five Limbs, Five Facts:  Red howler monkeys live across South America in rainforests, deciduous woodlands and mangrove swamps. These New World monkeys (monkeys that live in North and South America) live for around 18 years. Unlike humans, red howlers frown when happy and smile when upset. Like some other monkeys, red howlers have a prehensile … Read more

A Musical Narrative Poem with an Important Lesson

The only children’s book by Robert Browning, The Pied Piper of Hamelin is illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Compared to the tale’s original recording, Browning’s narrative poem was written fairly recently: the legend first appeared in a church window around 1300 AD and this version of the story was written in 1842. The Pied Piper of … Read more

Red Kites

General Facts: Red kites, Milvus milvus, can be found in woodland, grassland and heathland. Despite being apex predators and being at the top of the food chain, red kites feed on scavenged carrion, invertebrates and small mammals. While buzzards have a wingspan of 109-140cm, red kites have a wingspan of around 185cm. They also weigh … Read more

A Children’s Classic Full of Daring Rescues

‘The next moment the big motor cruiser was round the bend, bearing down on them, towering above them…’ The fifth in the Swallows and Amazons series, Coot Club is by Arthur Ransome. This book includes sailing terms but provides definitions. Coot Club also includes two maps: one for the Northern rivers of the Norfolk Broads … Read more

Reading: A Great Hobby

Are you looking for a new hobby? You should try fictional reading. If you want a good way to relax, reading is perfect. A story can transport your mind to a different world, where your worries vanish. You don’t have to, but I find reading even more relaxing with classical music on in the background. … Read more

A Glimpse of Southern Clumber

Yesterday, we went on a walk that guided us through southern Clumber. Our starting point was the grand clocktower that was equipped with golden hands and Roman numerals. This tower was directly above an archway, adding to its majesty. From here, we followed the lake towards Clumber Bridge, passing the stone Clumber Grotto and brick … Read more

The Bluebell Woods of Clumber

Today, we completed one of several walks around Clumber Park, The Bluebell Woods of Clumber. Our journey began walking through Hardwick Village until we reached a war memorial. Here, we entered a woodland of old oaks. As we neared the younger wood, the path was forged by bluebells. Leaving the woodland behind, we followed a … Read more